Thursday, June 8, 2017


A small painting with waterbased Winsor & Newton oil paints I recently acquired. I found them delightful to use in tandem with acrylics, but wanted to use them on their own. So I primed a piece of wood board I had lying around (with wall paint), and went to find out about the differences between ivory black and lamp black (lamp is bluish), and zinc and titanium white (I was told zinc white dries faster, which seems to be true). Then, when I had varnished the piece (with Liquitex acrylics varnish. I wasn't sure if that would work at all - it seems to, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed), I noticed a bristle in the almost dry varnish, tried to pick it out, and peeled off half the painting. Panic! After I calmed down again, I sanded that area and repainted it. Then varnished it again. I still know where the blasted thing was, but hopefully it's not a glaring mistake anymore.

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